What do I need to Start a Painting Business?

What do I need to Start a Painting Business?

Starting a new business is always a big step to take. If you intend to choose painting as your new business, the chances of it turning out to be a successful career path are great. However, like every business, you will need many things to start a new painting business. This brief post will guide you on what’s needed to start a new painting business.

These things we need to Start a Painting Business:

Thorough Research

The first most important requirement is thorough research about the prospects of a painting business in your area. You should have a solid understanding of the opportunities, positive and negative factors, occupied and unfilled niches, etc. in your market before putting time, money, and effort into it. Other successful painters in your area can help you in this task with their knowledge.

How to Start a Painting Business

A Business Plan

Having an appropriate business plan will make the startup of your new painting business smooth and controlled. While planning, try to consider all the important aspects and work out your strategy for every stage in your business startup. This will help you build your business and keep a grip on it once it gains pace.

Learning some skill

This should be the first step in your business plan. Before starting your own business, you should work with some other successful painter or a painting company for some time. You will learn different things e.g. painting skills, market trends, marketing tricks, customer dealing, etc. You can also learn a lot through the internet and you should get help from it, but having some hands-on experience is also necessary.

Registration and License

It will be necessary to get your business registered. It can be a complicated and time-consuming process so do not delay it. Get all the help and information from the government’s website or local trade organizations. Depending on the laws of your area, you may also require a license for professional painting.

How to start a Painting Business?

Business bank account and insurance

A business bank account will make your business transactions easy and help you sort out your business finances. An insurance, on the other hand, will help you in case of any damages or losses.
Financial Resources.

You may have already got the money for your new business, but you don’t need to worry even if you haven’t. There are a lot of options including equipment financing loans, small business term loans, or zero interest introductory credit cards. Luckily the startup costs for a painting business are low. You can start your business with as low as $500.


You will have to spend on brushes, rollers, sprayers, ladders, paint, drop cloths, tape, transportation, etc. But you don’t have to buy all of this right away in the beginning. Rather you should buy only the necessary items and add more to your arsenal of tools as your business grows. You can even rent an item for a particular job (e.g. a sprayer) if it is not needed often.

Finding customers

Now comes the most important part. It requires some effort to find customers, especially in the beginning. You can market your business through different ways e.g. leaflets, business cards, newspaper ads, etc. Another good option is to reach out to the real estate and construction companies because they may have some jobs for you, or they can refer you to your target customers.

Once your business has got some pace, you can even try for partnerships with suitable real estate companies and construction contractors. Also once you have found a customer, keep in contact with him so he may hire you again or refer you to his relative or friend.

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Portfolio website and other platforms to reach you

Give a name to your new business, and build a portfolio for it. Having a portfolio website is great. It makes you easily reachable and gives you an internet presence and a professional look. Also, having a location for your company (e.g. a shop) is a big plus point. But if you can’t afford one yet, you should have a PO box as your business address.

That was all. Hopefully, this article will help you in starting your new painting business.

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